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Independent Film Call Out

Submissions and vendor spots are now open for this year’s fest!

The pilot of BlackFest 2018 covered theatre, music and poetry and was a great success. This year we have the pleasure of announcing we have been supported by The FACT to screen Independent Film from Black artists on the topic of gender identity. If you have a film based on this category and would like it considered for screening, we would like to hear from you!

We are accepting student work and work-in-progress, as well as trailers and music videos. There is no cost to submit your work, at this stage we are looking for your pitch, if you are successful, we will then call you in to view the film. If your submission is selected you will receive:

  • A platform to screen your work at The FACT
  • Reach new audiences
  • Expand your portfolio
  • A post show discussion with valuable feedback
  • Build a relationship with an established arts organisation
  • Travel and expenses covered to screening and consultations with our team
  • Be a part of BlackFest festival 2019

To apply fill in an artist registration form Download Here and send in no less than an A4 document with, a short bio about yourself, contact information, title, synopsis, what charged you to make the film and why you want to screen it?

Deadlines for submitting films are 31st June, 2019

Please send all film submissions, vendor inquiries and any general enquiries to

Artist Development opportunity

Casting Call out – 10 Emerging Actors

Hear Me Now Monologues

Hear Me Now is a unique collection of over 80 original audition pieces written by and for actors of colour. Published by Oberon Books, the anthology has been commissioned by Tamasha and edited by Titi Dawudu, with a foreword by Noma Dumezweni.

As people of colour we have long gone for auditions doing pieces from Shakespeare to narratives that do not represent us. Hear me now monologues have created better audition material than the stereotypical characters currently on offer. Some truly wonderful characters emerged: from a cross-dressing imam, to the first black Prime Minister, to a devout Christian hit woman.

BlackFest are proudly announcing this year, we are bringing the monologues to life for the very first time on stage supported by The Everyman and Playhouse theatres New Works programme.  We want to empower actors of colour with powerful, fresh, funny, stereotype-busting audition material, that could increase chances of being considered for roles outside of those that are usually offered. In time, this might change the nature of the representations of diverse communities we see on our stages and screens.

This will be a showcase performance and networking event You will receive:

  • A free copy of Hear me now Monologues for you to keep
  • A free workshop led by Titi Dawud, Editor and writer
  • The opportunity to work with professional directors
  • Learn new skills, hone in your craft and enhance acting for stage
  • Meet fellow actors in the industry
  • Be seen by casting directors and a chance at being represented by a professional company
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Entry in showcase booklet
  • Perform at the Everyman and Playhouse theatres
  • Reach a new audience
  • Travel and expenses covered for rehearsals

To apply simply fill in the artists registration form Download Here and email with your actor’s CV if you have one, if not please submit in writing no longer than one A4 a short bio about yourself, experience of acting, contact information and why you would like the opportunity to perform.

Spoken Word Performance

Call out for Spoken Word Poetry artists

The pilot for BlackFest for spoken word poetry was a huge success. This year we would like to take it up a notch and select 5 Spoken artists that wish to develop their poetry into a 10-minute performance thinking about how to stage and present their work theatrically. This event is supported by the Bluecoat who are the host venue.

BlackFest aim to empower and educate artists how through poetry and immersive storytelling they can look to creating a 50-minute one man/woman show through this technique alone. This is in a bid to see more local Black artists in Liverpool touring their performance/work.

We are looking for poetry around British Black experiences, identity and culture. Post Brexit and the rise of racism and far right extremists we want to challenge what it means to be British and Black in the UK today.

You will receive:

  • One to one support with your performance
  • Work in groups with a Director enhancing your acting skills
  • Lift your poetry off the page into a performance
  • Travel and expenses covered
  • Perform at the Bluecoat arts hub
  • Insight into touring work

To apply please fill in an artist registration form Download Here in no more than one A4 please send in a short bio about yourself, contact information and a sample of your work we can accept a 5-minute video to

BAME Playwrights

Call out for 2 BAME playwrights

Last year we had a great read through of upcoming plays written by great BAME playwrights. This year we have an opportunity for 2 Emerging BAME Playwrights to showcase their plays as part of the BlackFest festival. We are looking for plays that are no more than 50mins long. If your submission is successful you will receive:

  • Reach new audiences
  • One to one support with your play
  • Work with a professional Directors
  • Support with rehearsals
  • Travel and expenses covered
  • Perform at the Unity Theatre
  • Full days rehearsal at the Unity theatre
  • Full Tech covered
  • Insight into touring work
  • Post show discussion with valuable feedback from industry professionals

To apply please fill in an artist registration form Download Here in no more than A4 please send in a short bio about yourself and contact information with a copy of your play


Call out for: Music Artists

On the lookout for 4 music artists that have an EP they wish to promote new work and sounds.

  • A platform to share your music
  • Receive an experienced vocal coach to work with you
  • Work with a producer to enhance your work
  • Reach new audiences
  • Expand your portfolio
  • Travel and expenses covered
  • Be a part of BlackFest festival 2019

To apply please fill an artist registration form Download Here send us a link to your work this could be your Facebook page, social media or link to your music.

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