Autumn Equinox part 2

Autumn equinox  was a workshop collaboration between Yammtree and squash, a cooking and education session with light music from BlackFest to help promote a healthier relationship with food.
YammTree was founded by Abraham Ojapah in 2020 and focuses on a healthy afro fusion plant-based movement designed to elevate the wellbeing of people. Many times we are misinformed about what is healthy and what we should eat and how much we should eat. YammTree focuses on bringing you greater awareness of medical African food.
Rooted in Liverpool 8 since 2007, SQUASH is a dynamic food, arts and environmental-focused community organisation grown by a diverse group of local people, committed to participatory social change. We are interested in community food production; urban agriculture, cooking and culinary craft skills. Together, we explore new ways for our neighbourhood to flourish; including creating special, celebratory seasonal events.
‘ supporting friends, learning more about my culture and city and I loved learning about different experiences across the country ‘

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