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Granby Market

Our community is at the heart of our art and we have had three successful Granby Market Stalls and love to hear from our community. We sold art work, treats and ran a raffle with great prizes and free theatre tickets with great performances from our amazing pool of artists!

Our consultations revealed how disconnected our arts institutions are with the community of L8 and received a lot of feedback of what they would like to see at the festival. Thus, our projects are run on a need for need basis.

This year we are running a creative writing course to empower women of colour, Shanthi Creative writing course. Why Shanthi it means peace in Hindi and many languages such as Bangali and Urdu it has connections to the Hebrew greeting Shalom and then connecting to Arabic term for peace salaam. Shanthi is the oldest word for peace and encompasses many women who strive for Peace in the world.

To apply please refer to the opportunities page for more details by Clicking Here.

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