Hear Me Now monologues

BlackFest showcased 7 Black Actors bringing the Hear Me Now audition monologues to life in this one-night special performance at the Everyman theatre.

Hear Me Now is a unique collection of monologues performed by Black/PoC actors, pulled from an original book of over 80 audition pieces written by and for actors of colour. Conceived in 2016 by Tamasha Playwrights in collaboration with writer-producer Titi Dawudu, Hear Me Now features alternative audition material than the stereotypical characters currently on offer.

The stories are varied and nuanced that provide characters that empower Black and brown writing out of the current boxed and narrow narratives reimagining the paradigm.

Our actors chose to perform monologues being – the first Black British Prime Minister, A teacher leading a double life: a teacher by day and sex line host by night, an open mic night a friend supporting a friend and her own ambition unveil covering the complexed debate on the ‘N Word’, daughter of a president breaking the news from switching courses from business to drama, a young boy develops a heart-warming, unlikely friendship as he learns to read, a bartender amidst a foam party seeing her friend being sexually abused torn to step in or not, a woman grippling with her abusive boyfriend’s death did she do it?

All the actors performed the monologues brilliantly and the performances followed by an original song, written and produced by the young performers.

BlackFest provided the opportunity to be able to record the song at GoPlay Studios Liverpool. Whilst recording we provided an editing and filming opportunity to shoot a music video to amazing young performer Frederico Lima known as Digitz. With limited resources he was able to create the following video: Hear Me Now (Official Music Video). 

Here’s what our artists had to say

“I liked the characters and the diversity of themes that they portrayed.”
“The monologues was original and engaging.”
“Very refreshing – loved the mix of monologues.”
“Engaging, I loved the song at the end.”
“Really creative monologues and acting.”
“Young people performing and the range of monologues.”
“The short monologues were very powerful – such talented performer.”
“Educational, Inspirational and groundbreaking. Give us more.”

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