Shanthi Creative Writing Course

This course is designed to empower women of colour through drama, spoken word and poetry workshops. Sessions will run for 10 weeks, duration of 2 hours, up to 10 participants, in July 2019 – date and time TBC. The focus of the project is to engage underrepresented groups in L8 and surrounding areas. This includes engaging women from South Asian, Black, and ethnic minorities. The project aims to improve self – esteem/worth and give you confidence to occupy any space be it in a professional environment, male dominated or personal. This opportunity will open doors for integration and social inclusion as you will get to learn about one another’s culture and identity and create a support network. Women are strong, have much courage and resilience in what life throws at them. This space will give a time of relaxation, meditation, and expression. A healing place of body, mind and soul through creative writing.

Why women of colour? With many arts organisations committing to increasing our visibility, we ask since have we had an invisibility cloak, if only. BlackFest recognise that women of colour have not been more visible in our times, we have become a subject of much political debate from the hijab, angry black woman, to being subservient. We are here and have always been here yet our lack of representation is misrepresented.

BlackFest want to bring together strong women of colour to answer, are you invisible? We want to hear from you loud and proud of what it means to be a woman of colour in the UK today. Women of colour couldn’t stick out more in the crowd. We want to create inspirational pieces of writing from real stories and real Black woman. Be proud of the colour you carry decedents of Kings and queens unleash the Queens in you!

Reasons to apply:

  • Participant travel covered
  • Creche facilities provided (if childcare required)
  • Work with experienced facilitators
  • Learn new writing skills
  • Free theatre trip
  • Gain confidence and boost your – self esteem
  • Be a part of the support network
  • Perform your piece as part of the BlackFest festival

To apply please fill in this registration form Download Here

Places are limited to 10 Participants get applying! Good luck!

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