Self-care is the deliberate and conscious act of maintaining an equilibrium within yourself. In mind, body and spirit. Here at BlackFest we are acutely aware of the toll that life can take on everyone but especially those from marginalised communities. Between last summer’s international BLM protests and the devastating effects that Covid has had on ethnic minority groups, we believe that there has never been a more important time than the present to check in with yourself.

We believe that caring for yourself and prioritising your own needs is an act of resistance.


Your mind, your body and your spirit are worth it.

So here are a few tips and questions from us to you.
Physical self-care is about ensuring that you’re moving, eating and resting your body.

Questions to ask your body

  • Have you walked today?
  • Have you had an adequate night’s sleep? (7-9 hrs)
  • Have you had a nourishing meal?
  • Have you taken a moment to unclench your jaw, shoulders and breathe?
  • Have you taken the time to appreciate your beauty?

Psychological self-care is about being creative, taking the time to learn and fully realise your mental potential.

Questions to ask your mind

  • Have you learned a new skill recently?
  • Have you taken the time to practice mindfulness?
  • Have you taken a break from social media and stepped into reality?
  • Have you read a book that brings you joy or challenges you?
  • Have you taken note of when and where you work best?

Emotional self-care is about assessing whether you’re taking steps in life that align with your values and beliefs

Questions to ask your heart

  • Have you been kind to yourself?
  • Have you had time to reflect on how the day’s events have affected your feelings?
  • Have you set boundaries with yourself and others regarding your time and efforts?
  • Have you practised saying no to things that don’t serve you?
  • Have you practised saying yes to things that make you happy?

Spiritual self-care is about connecting with the universe, your roots and the natural world around you.

Questions to ask your soul

  • Have you meditated today?
  • Have you gone outside and felt the sun on your face or the soil beneath your feet?
  • Have you upheld any spiritual rituals from your culture?
  • Have you taken the time to appreciate the natural elements that surround you?
  • Have you

Social self-care is about acknowledging humanity as a collective entity. That the relationships we have with others is an integral part of what makes us human.

Questions to ask your spirit

  • Have made the effort to maintain your family connections?
  • Have you reached out to a friend and made plans to hang out?
  • Have you spoken to a stranger in passing just because you can?
  • Have you partaken in any group activities?

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