Spoken Word Poetry Night

Four spoken word artists took our audiences on a journey through their experiences, as they brought their identity and culture centre stage.

The readings covered social, political and economic issues that are webbed into the poet’s lives, creating a co-existence that reflects their dual identities and the multiple layers of what it means to be British today. The performances were followed by an open mic where we had writer Marjorie Morgan, Singer-songwriter, performer Perri Alleyne, Bradley from Kitchen Sink Live and Niloo Sharifi our Videographer share some of their poetry and writing with Teresa a community activist saying a few inspirational words. It was an amazing way to end the night giving the platform to our audiences and more artists supporting artists.


Frederico Lima (Digitz)

Specialising in Music, Poetry, Acting, Producing, Performing, Songwriting. Fred is currently a part of young actor’s group at Award winning 20 Stories High and featured in their recent production The Shut Down.

He will fuse music and spoken word, creating a piece about being a Black Young Teen in Liverpool and his heart-warming social experiences with family and friends uncovering his roots.


Dom John (Blu Boy)

Dom John recently graduated in creative and performing arts at Liverpool Hope University. He is an actor, performer, spoken word poet, singer song writer and rapper.

He will share his journey through mental health and coming to terms with a break up. His immersive storytelling and spoken word pieces will appeal to everyone who love and have loved.


Manoka Mbolokele

Manoka is a performer and is a member of the award winning 20 Stories High company, where he has featured in their show Indebted.

20 Years, Rise, Falls and More is a three-part monologue series that highlights the 20-year existence of the 3 born son of the house of Mbolokeles. His hopes, his dreams, upbringing and shortcomings. Welcome to his life story and Journey.


Raven Radha

Raven Radha is a multi-disciplinary artist with an international background, based in Liverpool. She aims to inform, empower and inspire people and communities through conscious creative expression.

With her soul scripting lyrics, Raven’s intellect and powerful use of words, combined with themes around spirituality and science, bringing power back to the people through conscious spoken word and rap.

Feedback from our audiences

“The whole event was powerful, astounding, exceptional.”
“The whole event was powerful, astounding, exceptional.”
“The fact this youth showcase their talent.”
“The spoken word pieces were very impactful, and a reminder why we were here today, thank you!”
“Diverse audience, great energy, showcasing not well-known talent.”
“Diversity of community and talent within the City and very inspiring.”

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