Layla Gibiliru, is the artist behind the work “Invisible injustice”. As an artist, Layla likes to look at people in society who may be ignored or not thought about and has done so in previous works such as “The absence of the author” and “people”. She has also explored the beauty of life within the womb in an exploration of “women” and “placenta of Life”. 

As well as working as a freelance Artist, Layla has volunteered as a Beaver leader in a local scout group for the past 4 years and is the coordinator of Liverpool Outdoor Art Club. She is also the author and illustrator of children’s book, Tatty Ava. A story that makes brushing hair exciting and portrays the protagonist as a girl with beautiful curly hair.  Layla is currently working on a new selection of children’s books with other authors, illustrators and artists, under the publishing company, Chamelifun, a publishing company that celebrates education fitting with each individual child, through stories.

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